Newly Released LoadRunner 12.50 Features

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opcje binarne bank This release expands LoadRunner’s scripting and recording capabilities, in addition to providing many technological and usability enhancements.  

opzioni trader Some release highlights:

  • JavaScript added as a new scripting language for the Web – HTTP/HTML protocol, empowering scripting capabilities.
  • Improved HP Network Virtualization integration, including support for additional protocols, and introduction of the Network Virtualization Analytics report for advanced network performance breakdown.
  • TruClient record and replay now supported in Chromium, enabling cross-browser capabilities such as the ability to record in one browser and replay in another (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chromium).
  • LoadRunner Help Center now accessible both locally and online. Access the online Help Center at The release includes:

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  • New supported technologies and platforms
  • Google Compute Engine available as a cloud provider in the Controller.
  • Support of GWT DFE on Linux.
  • Support for the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox browsers.
  • Support for latest version of Eclipse and Selenium.
  • Updated Linux load generator matrix with extended support for 64-bit systems.

site de rencontre via mobile Improved HP Network Virtualization integration

  • Simplified process for creating a test with Network Virtualization:
  • Predefined virtual locations.
  • Simpler access to Network Virtualization settings from the LoadRunner user interface.
  • Ability to define virtual locations for all protocols. For details, see the Product Availability Matrix.
  • New Analysis graph comparing transaction response times by location.
  • Unified licensing management (LoadRunner and Network Virtualization).
  • The LoadRunner Community license now includes two free Network Virtualization virtual users.

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HP NV Analytics

  • Enhanced replay summary in VuGen, with Network Virtualization statistics for Web-based and TruClient – Web protocols.
  • A fully functional version of NV Analytics with a 30-day license.
  • Network Virtualization Analytics Standalone and Predictor integrations, providing feedback that enables you to improve your Web application performance.


Protocol enhancements


  • Ability to create script code in JavaScript as an alternative to C.
  • Usability enhancements in the GWT DFE mechanism.
  • Ability to generate WebSocket code directly from pcap files.
  • Ability to create Vuser Script from HTTP Archive (HAR) files.
  • Support for 64-bit recording in Google Chrome.
  • Ability to set default SSL level in Runtime settings.
  • Initial Authentication for NTLM and Kerberos authentications.
  • Correlation settings enhancements, with improvements to the TestPad dialog box and ability to exclude content types through the user interface.
  • Automatic password hiding within script code.
  • Recording alerts, issuing warnings to indicate that SSL is not being recorded.


  • New protocol,TruClient – Web, allows cross-record and replay between Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chromium browsers. A script recorded with one browser, can be replayed in another browser.
  • Ability to convert TruClient – Firefox and TruClient – IE scripts to TruClient – Web.
  • New toolbox step,If Browser, allows you to add browser-specific steps.
  • A global watch panel allows you to view variable values using breakpoints.
  • Support for download filters in TruClient – Web scripts.
  • Event handler support for the following dialog boxes: alert, confirm, prompt, and authentication.
  • Ability to mark Generic Browser steps as optional.
  • Improved reporting, by designating the time spent on object identification for optional steps that were not replayed, as wasted time.
  • Enhancements to the user interface:
  • Ability to group multiple steps into an action.
  • Ability to rename a function library.
  • Ability to close dialog boxes using the Esc key.
  • Ability to open context sensitive help using the F1 key from all dialog boxes.
  • Ability to apply a Dark theme to the TruClient sidebar.
  • A TruClient standalone setup file allows you to install TruClient independent of VuGen.


  • Support for XenApp with App-V.
  • Ability to override recorded synchronization area by specifying exact values for top-left point, width, and height of the synchronization area.
  • Ability to synchronize when launching the Citrix agent.
  • Citrix documentation improvements with additional tips and guidelines.


Support forAsync and Await modifiers for asynchronous programming.

The filter manager is now a dockable pane, accessible from theView

You can manage a method’s inclusion or exclusion from the VuGen editor’s context menu.


  • Support for RTMP over SSL (RTMPS).
  • Ability to insert a text check from the Recording toolbar.
  • Web Services: Ability to create Vuser script from Fiddler .saz files.

RDP: Session management improvements, with ability to resume unclosed sessions and terminate sessions at the end of a replay.

POP3, SMTP, IMAP: When recording a login step in which an IP address was specified, the script saves the IP address instead of the host name.

RTE: New explicit disconnect API command.

SAP – Web, Siebel – Web: Support for remote and local proxy recording.

Java over HTTP: Support for DFE extensions (with the exception of GWT).

Windows Sockets: Support for SSL.


VuGen replay summary improvements

  • Improved replay statistics details and ability to view results for script actions.
  • Export replay statistics to PDF.
  • Link to Network Virtualization Analytics reports for Web-based and TruClient protocols.


VuGen general usability improvements

  • JavaScript language support for Web – HTTP/HTML protocol.
  • Proxy recording enhancements: Support of traffic filtering, client-side certificates, and error detection.
  • Ability to enable/disable Async rules when recording a script.
  • Correlation support for JSON content type (Windows platform only).
  • Ability to edit and save all file types in VuGen code editor.
  • Enhanced keyboard support for the Runtime Settings views.

Analysis improvements

  • Support for HTML reports in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • New Analysis graphs forTruClient – Native Mobile showing CPU, memory, and free memory on device.
  • Performance and Graphs UI improvements.
  • New Transaction graph grouping the response time by location.


Security enhancements

  • OpenSSL version 0.2d incorporating all of the latest security fixes.
  • FIPS Windows compatibility.


Load generator improvements

  • Docker installation for Linux load generators.


Increased Help Center accessibility

  • The LoadRunner Help Center is now available on the Web, providing easier access and more up-to-date user assistance. You can switch between the online and local Help Centers through a selection button in the user interface.


  • Integrations with latest HP product versions

HP Mobile Center:

  • TruClient – Native Mobile protocol integration with version 1 of HP Mobile Center. For details see the Mobile Center Help.
  • New monitors and graphs showing CPU, memory, and free memory on mobile device.
  • HP Service Virtualization:
  • Integration with HP Service Virtualization version 70.
  • Auto deploy functionality allowing services to be deployed automatically when test run begins.
  • Improved HP Service Virtualization Setup dialog box for configuring services before the test run.
  • Improved HP Service Virtualization Runtime dialog box allowing interaction with services during runtime.

Jenkins plugin:Integration with Jenkins version 1.602. For details, see the HP Application and Automation Tools

  • Integration with recent versions of the following HP products:
  • HP Diagnostics
  • HP SiteScope
  • HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT)
  • HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • HP Performance Center
  • HP Business Process Monitor (BPM)